Shiny Concrete Floors

2020.03.18 02:06

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Thanks to advancements in concrete polishing equipment, polishing your floors without the use of a wax or polish, is simple and afforable. In order to remove the excessive abrasions of the surface, the contractor now has to begin all the way in the grinding stages (metals) in order to restore the ‘palette' and than commence the sequential polishing steps…pass by pass….grit after grit…for once again $4.00+ per square foot.

A General Routine Template Upon initially having the Polished Concrete floor installed, a general template should be followed. We will begin the polishing process by grinding the floors down to the desired profile and aggregate exposure. With over 10 years of extensive experience in the industry we can deliver an even and high polish to concrete floors in domestic and commercial environments alike.

Studies have proven, that strategically concrete polishing will cost 60% less than other flooring solution. Concrete floor is the revolutionary flooring concept with a technique that makes floor beautiful, durable and long lasting. Dusting and dry mopping can keep debris off of your floors.

Polishing concrete floors can give you two or more decades with your floors with minimal to no maintenance. Give us a call to discuss how polished concrete can fit your needs. Choose the look from a cream polish, salt and pepper, to an exposed aggregate floor. Penetrating concrete densifier products (aka protectors, sealers) are applied to the surface at several stages of the process.

We'll walk you through a few steps for keeping your polished concrete looking as good as it does today. New or existing Concrete Resurfacing can be stained to give you a beautiful, custom polished concrete floor. They are an alternative to polished concrete & are often applied to concrete slabs which are too worn or damaged to be polished (otherwise mostly any old or new concrete floor can be polished).

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