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It started very simply for one well-known comedian. He owns 2 different homes, including one that is kept sterile so that he can stay there free of germs in the event that his germ obsession kicks up. He has been known for television shows such as Bobby's World" and St. Elsewhere." Howie has made it clear that having Tourettes has definitely not stopped him from reaching a great plateau many comedians would love; he has been voted as one of the 100 Best Stand Up Comedians of all time.

Write the joke, and if it needs the cursing then add it in, but if it is funny standing alone then leave it out. Some of the best bits I hear new comics do, I ask later if they still do the joke and 90% of the time they say they dropped it cause they didn't think it was funny.

Comedy and public speaking aren't that different; borrow these tips and you're on your way to being a more confident, heroic public speaker, no matter what stage you're on. It's important to remember that you can practice your stand-up routine before getting on stage for the first time.

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people," comedian Victor Borge has said, and what a gift it is to close that gap between strangers and friends. Comedians often deploy the bookend technique, in which they reference their opening joke at the conclusion of their show.

TicketSource has organized its top tips on how to successfully plan a standup comedy event that will leave your guests in fits of laughter. I have no idea how get paid to laugh advise anyone to write comedy today, as I started 25 years ago when the economic climate and the way arts were valued was entirely different.

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