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I want to say a few words about being a comedian. For me, the thing that sets this book out from alternatives is that it is brilliantly written and is by someone who has been doing comedy for (20?) years and clearly enjoys doing it, not because it gets you laid, not because you can get paid, but from the joy of it. I've been gigging for a bit now and have used this to both develop material and pick my ego off the floor after a bad gig.

The industry, still in its early stages, now sees a lot more influx of aspiring comedians as it transforms the ecosystem around it. I've seen countless stand up specials, including Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee I've been front row at local shows. It took sometime for the things to get settled and people to appreciate the element of standup and so much so that in the next major function my performance was kept for the last as a ‘big fat surprise' for the audience to cherish like desserts.

7. Don't overestimate yourself- If you have 5 minutes of material, don't take a show that requires you to do 15. I took a charity gig that required 30 minutes of stage time. But nevertheless being able to write good stand up comedy is a skill like anything else and it can be learned.

I marveled at the way comedians weaved complex jokes together, and effortlessly glided from one bit to the next. Shrill is best known as a super-popular comedy series on Hulu these days, but it all started as a book of essays by writer and comedian Lindy West.

JUST BECAUSE YOUR FRIENDS SAY YOU ARE FUNNY, IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU ARE A STAND-UP COMEDIAN. You also need a well written biography that includes your accomplishments and accolades, and why you would be a great stand up comedian or guest speaker for various audiences.

See how comedians perform and interact with answers.ospom.com the audience, and that could also fuel your inspiration and help you find a voice. Looping in everything you learned above will ensure your content consistently kills (as it's said in the comedy world) every time.

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