Gary Gulman's Comedy Tips

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Stand-up comedy can be nerve-wracking, especially if it's your first performance. With any form of public speaking, like stand up comedy, you can't Get paid to laugh up on stage and expect to be great if you don't know your material inside and out, and how to work the audience. By performing in front of an audience, you will essentially receive stand up comedy help from your audience.

Whenever you see a successful comedian, they will usually tell you the story of how they started out - telling jokes to half-empty rooms and getting heckled by drunks. Analyse the comedy - it's often said that comedians don't laugh; one of the reasons for this is because they are identifying the technical side of what's being said, and how it's being said.

Dealing with hecklers is a learned skill from having a lot of stage experience. While of course the book does also have lots of technical bits - how to build jokes - using microphones - engaging with the audience - the thing I like about it is it is infused with the magic and joy of doing comedy.

Even though I'm not a comedian, as a general consumer of media and lover of comedy shows, I can help give some common sense tips on how one would become one. You don't need to do a comedy course - if you think you can do this, my advice is to visit a couple of open mic nights to check out how they work, and then put your name down for a spot when you're feeling ready.

You can also use this notebook to write down observations from watching other comedians and comedy shows. But my mind is just like, so messed up and dark, if I just go up there and talk it's gonna be funny." — Every guy who is about to eat shit their first time on stage.

Comedians often ask their audience questions and make comments about peoples' wardrobes, dates, drinks, etc. Suddenly people who didn't know much about comedians knew all about Rodney Dangerfield. 1) Prepare yourself—write some jokes, locate an open mic, and tell your friends to come enjoy some laughs.

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