Flag Tattoos

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For any self-respecting nation, patriotism of its citizens is its heart-beat. Teaching them about respect for their flag, country and other patriotic symbols such as the Statue of Liberty, The Liberty Bell, The Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial is important for patriotism to take root in young children. I'm certain that the enthusiasm for this Civil War observance won't match the level of unabashed infatuation experienced by many Americans during the Centennial; for better or worse, we aren't the same country that we were in the early 1960s.

Sometimes what makes us feel connected is not a love of home and country but a common enemy. The school aims to instill a feeling of national pride and patriotism among the students. The Spanish-American War contributed to sectional reconciliation, as soldiers from all parts of the country served together under the American flag.

The Reformation ushered in the objective to convert church services and especially scripture into the national tongue and to transform the faceless mass of believers into members of an autonomous religious community. The auction runs from May 11 through Memorial Day in honor of Military Appreciation Month with all proceeds benefitting the USO (United Service Organizations).

Thirdly, I also can agree that a nation-sate is something that makes people morally engaged and sensitive to moral obligations that we owe to others. A whole lot more everyday people paying closer attention to their country than they ever had before to make sure it didn't plummet too far.

The community that patriotic people strive to realize then stretches back to include our fallen soldiers, and an attempt is made to identify with their cause and the commitment they are supposed to have brought to it. Soldiers in time of war offer us an exaggerated form of patriotism, but it is also the ideal form put forward for everyone to emulate in times of peace.

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