Piston Ring is the most important functional component in the engine requiring appropriate design, high precision machining, excellent material and special surface treatment in order to perform the basic requirements of sealing, oil control, lubrication characteristics and heat transfer.

Application of YPR PISTON RING

A variety of Piston Rings and Seal Rings ranging from 20mm to 1,500mm in diameter for internal combustion engines of Automobile, Agricultural, Marine, Motorcycle, Compressor and Industrial engines for supplying to OE and aftermarket in domestic and overseas market.

PISTON RING Technology

  • 1. Reliability and Quality Target
    • Scuff resistance
    • Wear resistance
    • Friction decrease
    • Improvement in hardness
    • Cost efficiency
  • 2. Surface Treatment
    • Composite Plating (Cr-Ceramic)
    • Gas Nitriding
    • Salt Bath Nitriding
    • Mo Plasma Spraying
    • MoS2 Coating
    • Physical Vapor Deposition(PVD)Coating
  • 3. Material
    • Stainless Steel
    • Carbon steel
    • Alloy Cast Iron
    • Ductile Cast Iron
    • Gray Cast Iron
  • 4.R&D
    • This particular test equipment is essential for design and development performing the experimental drive for the parts in the initial development stage and reappearance test for troubleshooting. It helps to evaluate the details of parts and engine condition under the actual engine circumstances from the initial development to final mass production stage.

Various kinds of YPR PISTION RING

  • 1. Gasoline Engines
  • 2. Light Vehicle Diesel Engines
  • 3. Heavy Duty Diesel Engines
  • 4. Hydraulic Seal
  • 5. Marine and Industrial engines