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Jun.01,2001Moved Buchon factory to the new factory site in Asan.
Jan.28,2003As a joint venture with Teikoku Piston Ring Co., Ltd., Japan, established Y&T PowerTech Inc.
Feb.26,2003Awarded as a company who has contributed distinguished service to Korean Automotive Industry by Minister of "Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy"
Mar.03,2004Awarded commendation by the Minister of Finance and Economy.
Sep.22,2004Authorized TS16949 and ISO 14001 Certificate from TUV Management Service, Germany.
Feb.04,2005Established CUPR(China United Piston Ring Co., Ltd.) as a joint venture company in Langfang, China with TPR, Japan and ARN, China.
Apr.16,2005Stock split (from KRW 5,000 of face value to KRW 500 of face value)
Sep.30,2005Awarded as a supplier of piston rings for Daimler Chrysler, U.S.
Nov.30,2005Awarded the export tower of $30,000,000 by KITA.
Nov.30,2006Awarded the export tower of $50,000,000 by KITA.
Mar.03,2007Awarded commendation by the Minister of Finance and Economy.
Apr.25,2007CUPR became operational
Nov.30,2007Awarded a commendation from the Minister of Commerce, Industry and Energy on the 44th Trade Day
May.15,2009Obtained the Certification for Marine Engine Liners
Jan.01,2010Moved Air compressor factory to Namdong
Mar.19,2010Increased the capital up to KRW12,973,750,000
Nov.30,2011Awarded the Export Towr of USD70,000,000 by KITA on the 44th Trade Day
Oct.23,2012Establishment of Dongtan Logistics Center
Sep.05,2012Awarded the Export Towr of USD100,000,000 by KITA on the 45th Trade Day
Jul.02.2013TSI16949 / ISO14001 Certification from BSI, England